Packing up a home is not easy; you must decide what to take with you and what to leave behind or sell. Once you’ve made this decision, the rest is easy.

We’ll help make your move as easy as possible and we’d love to advise on what the best options are for you. We will supply an inventory list to be completed which will show us the volume you are sending and help us guide you on you what type of service you require.

We also provide you with the country rules and regulations so you are guided on what you can pack and cant pack at the time.

Some food for thought before you start packing :

  • 20 Foot Container
    A 20-foot container will generally hold the contents of an average size three-bedroom house and is about the size of a single car garage. If you live in a three-bedroom home and are battling to decide what to keep and what to leave behind, this is a great option. For the technically minded, a 20-foot container is 33 cubic metres, but, will only hold 25 – 28 cubic metres.
  • 40 Foot Container
    If you live in a 4-bedroom home or need to export your car with your belongings, then a 40-foot container is the choice for you. Double the size of the 20-foot container, this a more cost-effective option if you have the contents to fill the space. With 67 cubic metres of physical space and 54 – 58 cubic metres of actual space, you don’t need to leave anything behind.

Shared Space – Less Than Container Load
If you’re moving a one bedroom flat or have been ruthless with your clean out – then you probably don’t need the full container. In these instances, you can share space in a container with other people in a similar situation.


The rates you pay are going to vary and it is advisable to provide as much information as possible to ensure that all aspects have been covered. Costs to consider when budgeting are :

  • Shipping Costs
    These costs will be impacted by the exchange rate as many of the charges involved are billed in US Dollars, depending on the supplier
  • Duties and Taxes
    Customs in the destination country is going to charge you taxes on your goods, this is unavoidable and may apply duties depending on the contents. Our expert brokerage team will advise on paperwork and declarations you will need to avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Container Inspection Fees
    Chances of your container being physically inspected are minimal, but a possibility. Customs have the right to physically inspect the contents which is going to incur a fee, delay the delivery of your household contents and may result in fines being imposed.
  • Quarantine Fees
    This is not only for animals or plants going into countries. If customs inspect our container and find unclean pieces of furniture or outdoor equipment, you will pay the inspection fee and any additional charges if they find something that shouldn’t be coming in. Speak to us about how best to avoid this.
  • Insurance
    Absolutely 100% recommended. While every care is taken to make sure that your goods arrive on time and undamaged, we are at the mercy of the elements. Provide an accurate, honest value to the goods and we’ll quote the insurance premium.

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